K. Leimer
Mitteltöner FfaE

Inspired by a longstanding respect for the pioneering sounds of Cluster, Neu!, Harmonia & John Foxx, the legendary K. Leimer fuses tape loops, Moog tones and a variety of real and imagined instruments throughout his album ‘Mitteltöner,’ an immersive journey brimming with electronic emotion.

A key figure in America’s musical avant garde, Leimer’s experiments with tape manipulation, fractal loops and textured ambience have been well documented in recent times, with RVNG Intl. and VOD both offering excellent and exhaustive retrospectives of the artist’s seventies and eighties output. Tracing Leimer’s discography from 1979’s ‘Translucent: / Memory’ to 1983’s ‘Installation View’, via the dislocated rhythms of the Savant project, these archival releases detail a move from the pastoral synthesis of kosmische into more angular, experimental territories. Simultaneously looking to the past and the future, this Origin Peoples release is both a return to Leimer's earliest stylistic explorations, and his first vinyl release of original work in twenty five years. 

Oddly for such a sonic outlier, ‘Mitteltöner’ (midrange to non teutophones) takes its conceptual cues from the idea that the midrange contains all the core information. In this 3-track addendum to the full LP, Leimer employs subtlety and skill to navigate the emotional depth of the kosmische genre while maintaining the focus and detail which has remained constant in his work. Far from a simple homage to the electronic idols of his youth, ‘Mitteltöner’ finds K. Leimer reimagining their nuanced sonic framework through a lifetime of musical experience and experimentation.


A1 - Fernsehen im Frühling
A2 - Anode
B - Entferntemusik II

Catalog: OP007b
Format: Limited 10" vinyl
Date: 4 April 2018
Artwork: Parrish Cherry (design) & Jeremy Grant (AD)