Helene Rickhard
Magic Maze

‘Breathe in to the count of four, hold for the count of three, and breathe out to the count of five… close your eyes and tell me where you are.’

Birdsong blends into digital flute, expansive pads roll over the treetops like a blanket of cloud and the endless tide crashes in the distance. The sun on your back, the wind at your heels; this is paradise… and it’s real.

Welcome to ‘Magic Maze’ a guided meditation from Oslo’s Helene Rickard. Over two sides of a C60 cassette, the Norwegian DJ curates an immersive journey through imaginary landscapes and possible musics, marrying the organic and synthetic into a deep tissue massage of healing frequencies. Showing infinite patience, the Camp Cosmic regular gradually oscillates between fourth world exotica and pastoral new age, at once opening our minds with the celestial splendour of crystalline chimes connecting us all with future primitive hymns. As we float along under Helene’s benevolent gaze we encounter each of the elements; oceanic reverb, vaporous reeds, earthy drones and smouldering tones, each imparting its own ancient wisdom as we pass.



But enlightenment seldom comes without adversity and the mixtape’s most divine moments often appear in the wake of disorienting intensity. Fortune favours the brave, and if you free your mind, open your heart and follow the twists and turns of the ‘Magic Maze’, your rewards with be both earthly and divine.

Side A – 29:59
Side B – 29:26

Catalog:  opx09
Format: C60 cassette
Date: 1 December 2017
Artwork: Behind the Amusement Park