Robert ÆOLUS Myers
Talisman II

A key figure in Hawaii’s groundbreaking new age movement of the 1980s and early 90s, Robert ÆOLUS Myers’s sonic storytelling has echoed through the decades, growing in volume since the 2017 retrospective on Aloha Got Soul. Composing and performing music for dance, transformational theatre, worship or rebirth, Robert’s talent has taken him across the globe, allowing him to expand his mind and enrich the lives of those around him.

Approaching the often intangible new age genre with a humanist approach, Robert creates immersive and expansive pieces which connect with the listener on a spiritual and emotional level. Archetypal narratives are retold through nuanced electronics, evocative motifs and empathetic flute; the varied compositions informed by Myers’ classical training, spiritual pursuits and study of ethnomusicology. Continuing the exploration of that original ethos and sound sculpture, this EP houses additional reworks and reimaginations by originators Madteo (Wania, Sähkö, DDS), Aaron FIT (FXHE, Fit Sound) and DJ Sotofett (Sex Tags, Wania, Honest Jon’s, Versatile).

A1 – Sadhana Environment (Madteo’s “Man Makes History... History Unmakes Man” Madley)
A2 – Sadhana Environment (FIT Siegel’s Free Control Mix featuring Madteo)
B1 – Sadhana Environment (DJ Sotofett’s Psy-Intro)
B2 – Sadhana Environment (DJ Sotofett’s Psycho-Suffixum Funk Mix)

Catalog: OP013b
Format: 12" vinyl only
Date: 2 February 2020
Artwork: Raf Rennie