Heavy Breathing
Cosmic Feelings Archive

A moving staircase, endlessly circulating, conveying you between the infinite depths of your mind.

A meditation on our brief moment together in time on this majestic planet.

Learning more about yourself and how you fit into the bigger picture. A reflection on the origins of creation, the circle of life and our unique place in the universe. Letting go of pain and forgiving yourself and others.

Fully actualized, you are complete.

Side A: Untitled (30:00)
Side B: Untitled (30:00)
Side C: Untitled (34:06)
Side D: Untitled (27:40)
Side E: Untitled (36:47)
Side F: Untitled (34:09)

Catalog: opx31
Format: 3x C90 cassettes
Date: 21 October 2019
Artwork: Frank Yunker (illustration) Jeremy Grant (design)